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Escape from the ordinary and experience Odyssey Adventure Racing's bold and daring endurance competitions. Whether you're interested in our adventure races, trail running races, road running races, or a unique skills clinic and/or positive team building event, Odyssey has a challenge for you! We've produced more adventure races, training academies, skills clinics and other multisport competitions than any other sports promoter in the country! We have over 270 events to our credit since 1997.

What is OAR?

Odyssey Adventure Racing is a unique race promotion organization that specializes in premier ultra-distance and extreme sporting events. Our mission is to create and produce competitive experiences that provide athletes with mental and physical challenges not found in more traditional sports. We strive to attract adventurous individuals who are eager to escape their ordinary routines through bold and daring endurance competitions.

In addition to producing races, Odyssey offers Adventure Racing skills clinics and adventure racing teambuilding.

Corporations looking for a unique team building experience to enhance your company’s communications skills, risk management, problem solving, and leadership skills in a fun and adventurous setting should look no further. Odyssey customizes programs to fit your needs.

Odyssey is celebrating its 22th season in 2019 as the pioneer adventure racing company in North America.

Ronny Angell- Owner Ronny running

Ronny Angell is an entrepreneur/teacher/healer/athlete that loves his work. He is owner of Odyssey Adventure Racing where he had been a designer and race director for over 200 events, with 70 of them being adventure races of 24 hours or longer. He started adventure racing in 1999. He credits it to changing his life for the better! He enjoys sharing his years of knowledge and holistic approaches with the endurance athletes he coaches.

He is also owner of Next Level Fitness and Healing, where he works as holistic lifestyle coach and energy medicine healer. He coaches clients to live heath active lifestyles through simple holistic lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness practices and uses different energy modalities, like Reiki, Angel Therapy, Crystals, and Shamanic healing to create balance in client’s energy field to allow their body to heal itself from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalances.

Racing and Sporting Accomplishments:

Adventure Racing

2023   USARA National Championship- Masters       1st Overall 

             Longest Day 24 AR                                          5th Overall

2022   Hogback 24 HR AR                                          1st Overall

           Shenandoah Epic 24 HR AR                            4th Overall

             Adrenaline Rush 24 HR AR                              4th Overall

2021   The Chill 9 HR AR                                            16th Overall

           The Winter Wildcat Rogaine 10 HR (Sat)         13th Overall

           Brake The Habit 15 HR AR                               3rd Overall

           Uwharrie 18 HR AR                                          1st Overall

           7 Bends 7 HR AR                                             2nd Overall

2020   The Bear 24HR AR                                          17th Overall

2019   Massanutten 26hr AR                                      9th Overall

          USARA National Championship                       8th Overall

2017   Race the Ridge 15HR AR                               1st Overall

2013  Sea 2 Sea 3 Day AR, FL                                  4th Overall

          Delmarva 18 HR Championships AR               2nd Overall

          Brake the Habit 6 HR AR                                 1st Overall

          USARA National Championship- Masters       1st Overall

2012  Adrenaline Rush 12 HR AR                             1st Overall

          Summer Solstice 18 HR AR                            1st Overall

          Loinheart 24 HR AR                                        2nd Overall

          ECARS National Championships                    2nd Overall

2011  Sproute 12 HR AR                                          1st Overall

          Loinheart 24 HR AR                                        2nd Overall

          Equinox Traverse 48 HR AR                           2nd Overall

         USARA National Championship- Masters      1st Overall

2009  Gold Rush 24 HR AR                                     3rd Overall

2007  Untamed VA 30 HR AR                                  7th Overall

2006   Primal Quest 10 Day AR, Utah                     19th Overall

         Plant Adventure 24HR Race                           1st Overall

         Gold Rush 24HR AR                                       6th Overall

2004  Odyssey 24 HR AR                                        1st Overall

2003  Primal Quest 10 Day AR, Lake Tahoe            18th Overall

          Beast of the East 5 Day AR, NC                      5th Overall

2003  Mega Dose 36 HR AR                                     1st Overall

         Planet 24 HR Adventure Race, Indiana            2nd Overall

         Endorphin Fix 40 HR AR                                   2nd Overall

2002  USARA 24 Hour National Championship         8th Overall

          Jeep Kentucky 12HR Adventure Race             1st Overall

          Endorphin Fix 40 HR AR, WV                          1st Overall    

          Beast of the East 5 Day AR, Virginia                2nd Overall

          Endorphin Fix 40 HR AR, WV                          2nd Overall

          Odyssey 24 HR AR, Virginia                            1st Overall
2001  Endorphin Fix 40 HR AR, WV                          12th Overall

          Beast of the East 6 Day AR, Virginia                5th Overall
2000  Endorphin Fix 40 HR AR, WV                          12th Overall     

          Odyssey 24 HR AR, Virginia                            4th Overall
1999  Odyssey 24 HR AR, Virginia,                           9th Overall


Ultra Running

2002  Holiday Lake 50k                                   15th (172 runners)

          Promise Land 50k                                  28th (205 runners)

2001  Promise Land 50k                                  29th (187 runners)

Mountain Biking

2021   ORMM                                                  94th (394 Riders) (6:24)

2013   Shenandoah Mt. 100                            93th (582 Riders) (9:41)

2012   Shenandoah Mt. 100                            83rd (524 Riders) (9:47)

2011   Shenandoah Mt. 100                            97th (504 Riders) (9:54)

Named 2002 Southeastern athlete of the year honorable mention by Blue Ridge Outdoors