Odyssey Trail Running Rampage
(50K, Marathon, Half Marathon, 6 Miler)

September 7, 2024
Douthat State Park, VA

(200 Runner Limit)



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The Odyssey Trail Running Rampage will bring in Fall with four great trail running races: the 50K Ultra, the Marathon, the Half Marathon, and the Six-Miler. These trail races will give athletes the opportunity to run on some of the best trails in the Southeast at a gorgeous state park nestled in the mountains of Virginia, Douthat State Park. Get together with family and friends this weekend at Douthat State Park to enjoy hiking, mountain biking, paddling, fishing, and relaxing.

We are excited to be are part of the Virginia State Park Adventure Series were athletes can compete at different events at Virginia State Parks to earn points to win prizes at the end of the year.

img00024 20091103 1600The 50K Ultra, the Marathon, the Half Marathon, race courses will be a loop format offering challenging uphills, fast downhills and beautiful views at multiple points on the trail. Racers will run along creeks with waterfalls and through Rhododendron-covered tunnels engulfing the trails. The loop will have a total elevation gain of 2700 feet over 13 miles, the majority of which will be gained in the first three miles.

The 50K Ultra will entail 3 loops ((Two) Half Marathon loops + (One) 6 mile loop); the Marathon 2 loops; and the Half Marathon 1 loop. There will be 1 aid station on top of the mountain, at the cabin overlook, at mile 3.5 with water only and 2 fully stocked aid stations at miles 9(mile 1 for the Six Miler) and 11.25 (mile 3.5 for the Six Miler) of each loop. They will have HEED water, flat cola, potatoes and salt, banana halves, and pretzels at each station. Ultra and Marathon runners will be able to stage supplies at the finish of the loop.

The Six Mile Trail race will be a single loop with a few challenging uphills, but mostly rolling terrain. This loop will have over 1000 feet of elevation gain. This race will incorporate the last five miles of the other three events' loop with the addition of the Tobacco Hollow Ridge Trail at the start. The loops for all the events are a little long by 0.3 +/- miles (more plus). There will be no extra charge for the bonus miles!

Why the loop format? The loop preserves a little piece of history. The half marathon loop was designed as part of the Odyssey Off-Road Iron – Distance Triathlon, in which competitors capped off 2.4 miles of swimming and 112 miles of biking with the trail marathon of two 13.1 mile loops. Numerous requests for the option to skip the swim and bike and to “just” run the loop led to creation of the Trail Running Rampage events.

Sept. 6-7, 2024: On-site registration will be availablefor an additional $10 (cash or check only).

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50K (31+ miles) 

Marathon (26.2 miles)

Half Marathon (13.1 miles)

Six-Miler (6.0 miles)


  • Well marked course
  • Chip Timing
  • Performance Wicking GreenLayer T-shirt
  • Post-race dinner- chicken with all the fixing or bean soup and salad and homemade desserts
  • Well-stocked aid stations-HEED water, flat cola, potatoes and salt, banana halves, and pretzels
  • Awards for Top 3 Male and Female Winners in each race
  • Odyssey Pint mug to ALL finisher
  • Enthusiastic volunteers
No DNF’s

This is a unique race in that it takes a page from fixed time distances. Once a runner completes 1 loop (every loop is approximately 13+ miles) you are counted as a finisher. You sign up for the distance you want. As long you complete a loop you will be counted as a finisher for a lesser distance. The idea behind this is to encourage new trail runners to aim high. In other words, if you sign up for the 50K and only complete 2 loops, you will be credited as a marathon finisher. Every finisher will receive a finisher’s award. You receive an award for the distance you complete. If you are a drop down finisher (i.e. signed up for the 50k but only finished 26 miles) you are ineligible for a top 3 prize. Top 3 prizes will be awarded for male and female for each distance.

Course Information                  

The 50K Ultra is two of the Half Marathon Loop and the 6 Miler Loop.

50k Ultra Course Description

Half Marathon Loop Course Map with Profile (the Marathon does 2 Half Marathon loops)

Half Marathon Loop Course Description

6 Miler Course Map with Profile

6 Miler Course Description


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The Discovery Center at Camp Carson at Douthat State Park, Virginia 


Location: From I-64, take Exit 27 near Clifton Forge. Turn north onto State Route 629 (highway at exit ramp). Travel north three miles to the park entrance sign and another two miles to the park office. Get parking pass ($7)at main office or small building on main road at the main office(cash or check at small building). Drive through the park and follow signs to Camp Carson. Turn on to road at Camp Carson sign. The Discovery Center is at the end of the road.


ALL finishers will receive an Odyssey Pint mug. The Top 3 Male and Female winners in each event will recieve an Odyssey Headsweat hat. Winner will need to be present to receive prize.


200 Runner Limit 60 spots

30 spots

80 spots 30 spots
50K Marathon Half Marathon Six-Miler
Fee Change (Until Mar 27) $90 $80 $70 $50
Fee Change (Mar 28- Jul 30) $100 $90 $80 $60

Fee Change (Jul 31-Sept. 3) 





Same Day (Sept. 6&7) (CASH or CHECK ONLY) $120 $110 $100 $80
Fees per PERSON. Processing fee not included.








 No refunds or deferal. We do allow bib transfers or change of events. Go to registration page and click on transfer to transfer bib to another person or change events. Besure to use Ticketguardian when registering to cover your entry fee in case you are unable to make your event.     

Runner limits set by Douthat State Park. Spots limit base on past registrations.

This event will sell out!

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Important Dates

Aug.12, 2024: Last day that a T-shirt is included with registration 

Sept 3, 2024: Online registration closes

Sept 6 & 7, 2024: On-site registration will be available for an additional $10 (cash or check only).


Friday, September 6, 2024
7:00pm - 9:00pm Racer registration and packet pick up at the Discovery Center at Camp Carson

Saturday, September 7, 2024
5:30am On-site registration and packet pick up opens at the Discovery Center at Camp Carson. On siteRegistration will close 45 minutes prior to the start of each event.

Race Brief 30 minutes before each race. All runners must be present.

7:00am 50K Ultra and Marathon RACE START at the Discovery Center

9:30 am Half Marathon RACE START at the Discovery Center

11:00am Six-Miler RACE START at the Discovery Center

12:30pm Post-Race Meal starts

1:00pm Awards Ceremony for Marathon, Half Marathon, 6 Miler

2:30pm 50k Ultra deadline for starting 3rd lap

6:00pm Official Race cut-off (all 4 distances)


Register early. Camp sites fill up 6 months in advance at Douthat State Park.

Overnight Facilities at Douthat State Park include camping and cabins of various sizes. For information on these accommodations and to make a reservation, you can reserve online at www.dcr.state.va.us/parks/douthat orcall 1-800-933-PARK

Other Camping near Douthat State Park.

The Red Lantern Inn located in Clifton Forge

Hotels within a half-hour drive can be found in:
Covington, Virginia



Bed & Breakfasts
Anderson Cottage 540.839.2975 208 Old Germantown Road Warm Springs, VA 24484 23 Miles
Fort Lewis Lodge 540.925.2314 603 Old Plantation Way Millboro, VA 24460 28 Miles
Grand View Bed & Breakfast 561.861.7124 198 Grand View Drive Hot Springs, VA 24445 27 Miles
Hidden Valley Bed & Breakfast 540.839.3178 2241 Hidden Valley Road Warm Springs, VA 24484 28 Miles
Inn at Gristmill Square 540.839.2231 124 Old Mill Road Warm Springs, VA 24484 23 Miles
King's Victorian Inn & Cottages 540.839.3134 8883 Sam Snead Highway Hot Springs, VA 24445 26 Miles
Vine Cottage Inn 540.839.2422 or 800.410.9755 7402 Sam Snead Highway Hot Springs, VA 24445 28 Miles
Warm Springs Inn 540.839.5351 12968 Sam Snead Highway Warm Springs, VA 24484 22 Miles
Alvey Cottage 804.282.8822/ 804.754.6445 11205 Sam Snead Highway Hot Springs, VA 24445 24 Miles
Apple Horse Farm 540.962.3715 5921 Hot Springs Road Hot Springs, VA 24445 20 Miles
Bath Villas at the Meadows 540.839.2124 101 Meadows Drive Warm Springs, VA 24484 23 Miles
Big Bend Farm 540.997.5661 411 Big Bend Farm Road Millboro, VA 24460 18 Miles
Cabin by the Creek 540.468.2075 8783 Big Valley Road Bolar, VA 24484 25 Mile
Clarkson & Wallace Vacation Rentals 540.839.2609
Coffee Pot Lodge 540.997.0308 157 Coffee Pot Road Millboro, VA 24460 22 Miles
Fort Lewis Lodge 540.925.2314 603 Old Plantation Way Millboro, VA 24460 27 Miles
Garden Cottage 540.839.2912 3 Old Mill Road Warm Springs, VA 24484 23 Miles
Garth Newel Music Center 540.839.5018 403 Garth Newel Music Center Hot Springs, VA 24445 25 Miles
Green Valley Cabin Rentals 540.996.4134 6760 Deerfield Road Millboro, VA 24460 23 Miles
Hemlock Cottage 540.839.3533 9858 Jackson River Turnpike Hot Springs, VA 24445 27 Miles
Hemlock Guest House 540.997.0308 157 Coffee Pot Road Millboro, VA 24460 22 Miles
King's Boxwood Cottages 540.839.3134 8883 Sam Snead Highway Hot Springs, VA 24445 26 Miles
King's Canary Cottages 540.839.3134 8883 Sam Snead Highway Hot Springs, VA 24445 26 Miles
The Loft 540.839.2985 12 Katydid  Trail Warm Springs, VA 24484 23 Miles
Lee Pareti 202.3690.2502 Homestead Preserve 169 Old Camp Lane,Hot Springs, V 29 Miles
Meadow Lane Lodge & Cottages 540.839.5959 646 Meadow Lane Trail Warm Springs, VA 24484 27 Miles
Meadow Villas at Warm Springs 717.951.3955 171 Meadows Drive Warm Springs, VA 24484 23 Miles
Natural Retreats 877.805.7794 PO Box 206 Hot Springs, VA 24445
Tuck-Away-Cabins 540.996.4111/ 540.996.4119 25146 Mountain Valley Road Millboro, VA 24460 15 Miles
Turtlebrook Farm 540.839.6646 2663 McGuffin Road Warm Springs, VA 24484 25 Miles
Wilderness Ranch 540.997.9225 Route 683 Millboro, VA 24460 18 Miles
The Homestead Resort & Spa 540.839.1766 / 800.838.1766 1766 Homestead Drive Hot Springs, VA 24445 28 Miles
Hillcrest Motel 540.839.5316 6168 Sam Snead Highway Hot Springs, VA 24445 29 Miles
Roseloe Motel 540.839.5373 10849 Sam Snead Highway Hot Springs, VA 24445 25 Miles

Support Crews

Support personnel are not required but are encouraged. Each competitor can have up to two support personnel. Support crews are allowed to provide assistance only in the designated transition area. Support from anywhere else on the course will result in immediate disqualification. Only support personnel and athletes will be allowed in the transition area. Support personnel can feed the competitor, help competitor change clothes, and give gear, clothing and medical supplies to the competitor. You will be coming through the transition area between run loops and at the finish of the race. All transition gear will need to be kept in a properly marked bag (name/race number). You will be required to be self-sufficient in terms of fluids and nutrition as in an adventure race; however, there will be water, electrolyte drinks and food available on the run course and the transition area.


OUTSIDE ASSISTANCE: No assistance other than that offered by race and medical officials may be used outside the designated transition area.
PENALTY: Variable time penalty.

TRANSITION AREA:All equipment must be placed in the properly designated and individually assigned area. No person shall interfere with another participant’s equipment or impede the progress of another participant. No participant shall bring ANY glass containers in the transition area (DQ!). PENALTY: Variable time penalty.


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We are glad that you want to know what is new and coming up with Odyssey. To sign up click here: Odyssey eNewsletter.

What is the refund and cancellation policy for the Trail Running Rampage?
No refunds for the Trail Running Rampage events. Odyssey Adventure Racing does not accept responsibility for refunds for cancellations in the event of natural or national emergencies. Natural emergencies may include, but are not limited to severe weather including heavy rain, snow, tornados, hurricanes, river flooding, heat spells and cold spells. National or international emergencies may include, but are not limited to military conflicts, terrorist attacks, security threats, war, and heightened security alerts.

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